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Elevate Your Campaigns With Dynamic Marketing Video Production

Transcend the Ordinary—Make Your Campaign Unforgettable! At Sydney Animation Studios, we do more than produce videos; we bring your brand's story to life in a way that captivates and engages.

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Find out how whiteboard animation can benefit your business and have you stand out from the crowd.

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Unleash the Power of Animation in Your Next Launch

When it comes to launching a new product or campaign, nothing elevates your message like the power of animation. At Sydney Animation Studios, we don't just 'add' animation; we integrate it into the fabric of your story. Our signature animated charm does much more than make your content visually appealing—it gives life to your message, resonating deeply with your audience. Every aspect, from custom motion graphics to curated music selections, from carefully scripted dialogues to articulate narration, is thoughtfully designed to maximise impact. We pay close attention to the minutiae, ensuring that each component synergizes to tell your story in the most engaging and memorable way possible. By choosing to infuse your launch with our animated storytelling, you're making a deliberate decision to rise above the mundane and captivate your target audience.

Use Cases

Real Challenges, Real Solutions

Are your campaigns lacking that 'wow' factor? Our expert animation adds layers of depth, making your product not just relatable but also unforgettable. We take your challenges head-on and deliver results—an elevated campaign that stands out with analytics to prove increased customer engagement.

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To be used on websites, social media, and landing pages - animated explainer videos drive conversions and increase sales for a host of marketing avenues.

More Than Just Marketing Videos

Why Sydney Animation Studios?

Expert Craftsmanship

Every element of your video is meticulously designed—from motion graphics to script—ensuring that your message hits home.

Result-Driven Approach

We focus on delivering measurable outcomes, proving your ROI through detailed analytics and customer engagement metrics.

Diverse Portfolio

Our love for storytelling extends beyond marketing videos. From employee training videos to branded videos and customer testimonials, we've got you covered.

Satisfied Clients

Just listen to our clients: "Sydney Animation Studios took our campaign to a whole new level. Their creative approach was a game-changer for us!"

Not Just a Video, A Game Changer

  • Having difficulty articulating the unique selling points of your campaign to a broad audience?
  • Struggling to break through the noise in a saturated market?
  • Failing to see a surge in website traffic or conversions despite investing in marketing efforts?
  • Finding it tough to maintain audience engagement throughout the length of your campaign?
  • Seeking to elevate brand perception but not sure how to do so effectively?
  • Encountering obstacles in leveraging cutting-edge technologies to boost your campaign's reach?
  • Striving to get your campaign message across multiple platforms but falling short?
  • Feeling like your marketing videos lack a genuine representation of your brand's voice and values?

A well-crafted marketing campaign video by Sydney Animation Studios can provide tailored solutions to all these challenges. Our videos can clearly articulate your campaign's unique features, set you apart from the competition, drive website traffic and conversions, and maintain high engagement levels. What’s more, we can help encapsulate your brand’s ethos within the campaign, ensuring a coherent and powerful message. It's your campaign, supercharged.

Unleash the full potential of your marketing campaigns through dynamic video content that tells your brand's story like never before.

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“Alexander has product quality education and explainer video content for us as a ‘White label’ service for the past 8 years working with clients in a variety of industries from insurance to sport. This allowed us to enhance our service offering with clients. To date Alexander has produced over 100 videos with us which our clients have always loved.”

David Dowe, Director

Commuter Learning


We’ve been creating compelling videos since 2013

An Introduction to the Digital Age, Whiteboard Animation Video Thumbnail image

An Introduction To The Digital Age

A whiteboard education video on humanity entering a new age of digital innovation

Simple Platform, Animation Video thumbnail image Communication platform

This Simple portfolio animation video showcases the companies marketing communications platform.

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Can I see examples of your work?

Yes, we have a portfolio of our work on our website, where you can see examples of animations we’ve created for different clients and industries. We can also provide portfolio pieces that may appear similar to projects you are trying to produce but don’t feature on our portfolio page.

How much does an animated video cost?

The cost of an animated video in Sydney can vary depending on a number of factors such as:

  • The length of the video
  • The complexity of animation
  • The style of animation
  • The type of animated video being produced
  • The number of animated videos

On average, a basic 2D animated explainer video can cost between $2,000 and $10,000. However, for a small business or start-up, we can provide more affordable animated video packages following a consultation and discussion on which variables we can manipulate to meet your budget. We pride ourselves on providing animation that’s accessible to all business shapes and sizes. Please fill out our interactive quote form to receive a more accurate estimation for your project.

What types of animation do you specialise in?

We specialise in a variety of animation styles such as whiteboard animation, motion graphics, and cartoon animation. We create animations for a wide range of projects including explainer videos, commercial videos, and educational videos.

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