Communication platform

This Simple portfolio animation video showcases the companies marketing communications platform.

The Problem

Simple had a complex offering with a software platform that addressed four different marketing problems, each requiring its own animation video to engage and educate potential customers. They needed a cost-effective solution to demonstrate the complex capabilities of their product and communicate their message effectively during a website rebrand.

The Process

Sydney Animation Studios worked closely with Simple's dedicated project manager to understand the company's vision and needs. The team used hand-drawn illustrations to create a draft storyboard and then produced draft animations and voice-over to get approval from the project manager.

The Solution

Sydney Animation Studios created four animation videos that explained the company's complex offering and emphasized the use of shapes to convey the simplicity of their product. The videos were engaging and consistent with Simple's branding, providing a valuable marketing tool for the company's website.

The Result

The final product was four informative and engaging animation videos that effectively communicated Simple's message and helped position the company as a leader in the marketing industry. The videos served as valuable marketing collateral and helped drive the success of the company's website rebrand.

Latest work

An Introduction to the Digital Age, Whiteboard Animation Video Thumbnail image

An Introduction To The Digital Age

A whiteboard education video on humanity entering a new age of digital innovation Workflow, Animation video thumbnail image Workflow

The Simple portfolio animation video showcases how the company streamlines marketing operations through its centralised platform that offers a simple and organised workflow.

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