Industries That Benefit From Explainer Animation Videos

Using Explainer Animation Videos

Consumers are more engaged by explainer animation videos

Explainer animation videos are usually short animated videos that give a detailed explanation of an idea/concept. These videos have changed the method businesses build relationships with their audience. Explainer videos can communicate complex ideas or information effectively. These videos are created concisely and engagingly -making them a beneficial instrument for improving awareness and encouraging action. Simply, explain your business, engage customers, and increase sales. The basic ways explainer videos are designed are to produce product demos, animate brand storytelling, promote events and push marketing. At Sydney Animation Studios, our passionate video experts create explainer animation videos to engage, educate and explain. 

Benefits of Explainer Animation Videos

Various industries and specific sectors will benefit from harnessing explainer animation videos. Recent studies demonstrate that 91% of consumers would like to see more online video content from brands. Although there are other explainer video types, an animated explainer video is unique and practical. The advantage of an animated explainer video is that it allows for more creativity and flexibility. In this blog, we explain how different industries can use this dynamic medium to their advantage. 


Explainer animation videos are a compelling promotional tool for marketers. In the marketing industry, you want the best return on investment for your campaign. A majority of video marketers understand how video marketing has increased user understanding, brand awareness, leads, and sales and gives a good return on investment - with ninety-six per cent of marketers claiming that video marketing has boosted user understanding of the product or service marketed. SEO (search engine optimisation) marketing companies will be pleased that websites with videos rank higher because Google finds that users enjoy videos that entertain and educate. Whether it be social media or personal websites, this will help the marketing industry drive conversions and increase sales. 

Marketers use explainer animation videos to drive conversion rates.


In the e-commerce sector, there is a lot of competition. Thus, it is beneficial for brands to showcase their brands and products with explainer animation videos. Ninety per cent of users say that an explainer video company assists in their decision-making - whether they should purchase a product. Hence, this effectively boosts conversion rates for marketing purposes and encourages customers to finalise a purchase.


The healthcare industry is an important sector that needs methods to inform and explain different medical practices and products.

  • Patient Education: 

Explainer animation videos aid patient education as they can simplify the more complex medical concepts, procedures, and treatment plans. The visual medical information assists patients in better understanding their conditions and treatment options.

  • Pharmaceutical Marketing:

Animation videos are able to demonstrate the advantages and mechanisms of the latest medications. Thus, this makes it easier for healthcare professionals and consumers to understand their medication, and if it is suitable for them.


An obvious industry that benefits from explainer animation videos is education. Schools and educational institutions in general are using these videos for their courses and programs in class for their students. This is perfect for a wide range of ages who need to be educated in the most entertaining and detailed ways. Students who are visual learners can process information effectively and understand concepts faster. 


Animated explainer videos assist in simplifying financial planning concepts, investment strategies, and retirement planning. This is the best to use in the complicated processes in finance, banking or fintech. These videos can be the perfect opportunity for financial experts to visually explain complex structures and investments like cryptocurrency.

The finance industry harnesses explainer animation videos to simplify financial concepts.

Human Resources and Recruitment

The human resources department and recruiters may find it difficult to educate an ample number of new employees. Typically, there are numerous onboarding processes and training for every new employee. If the business can provide explainer animation videos, this will save time and money so that no one has to spend their working time training multiple people. Furthermore, this supports the new employees by educating them on their tasks, rules and onboarding processes in detail - employees can replay if they do not understand.


In the digital age, new technological products are released frequently. With explainer animation videos, this can showcase the new product and influence customers to purchase it. Furthermore, companies are able to help others understand new technological features and any new updates. This may make consumers find the technology user-friendly and appealing as it is comprehensible. For more technical and complex technology, programs and software, animated tutorials will provide guidance to users. Businesses may be losing leads and sales due to customers not comprehending their technology. For example, Sydney Animations Studio uses these explainer animation videos to showcase the capabilities of complex software programs to engage and educate all potential customers for their clients.

Unleash the Benefits of Explainer Animation Videos

Our list of industries here isn’t exhaustible - have a try to implement explainer animation videos regardless. Anyone can make an industry entertaining and educational. By catering the explainer animation videos to the unique needs depending on the industry, businesses can improve their communication and simplify complex information. In this fast paced digital time period, it is time to create an engaging video for your organisation that will build your business relationships, branding and success. Don’t hesitate to contact Sydney Animation Studios for more information and a chance to transform your company.

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